Unfortunately SternFuckingZeit has split up. A short but clear message came from the guys: "... is no more. Thank you for all the great years. We'll stay in touch." So sorry, R.I.P.
Today we are happy again to tell you that we have another double relase on Ampire Records. DRIVEN BY ENTROPY release their selftitled debut album. Finest Modern Metal straight in your face *g. Go check their bandpage and the video to "Collateral" at youtube. Also we are happy about the release of "Happiness is a warm wookie", the second album from Frankfurt's finest IndieRockband THE WATER SAFETY. Experimental Rock tunes with electronical elements at its best. May the wookie be with you!
Hey dudes, we are happy to announce to have the new album "Bridges" of FACING THE SWARM THOUGHT on vinyl in stock now!! So check it out and if you like it, order it at our shop!
We are happy to announce that the new EP of DIGRESSION ASSASSINS called "Heavy Waters" has been released. Check it out at our store and on facebook. Also we want to tell you about the forthcoming 2nd record "Bridges" fof FACING THE SWARM THOUGHT which will be released soon on Vinyl! So stay tuned!
Hello Hello, we are excited to tell you about two new releases coming soon! On 15th of April we gonna release the new Digression Assassins EP called "Heavy Waters". A four track record that gonna disturb you like used before. Also the selftitled debut of DRIVEN BY ENTROPY is in line. So stay tuned for more info about that.
We welcome The Water Safety to the Ampire Family. I hope you will enjoy Frankfurts finest FuzzyNoisyElectroPostRockIndieRock Darlings as much a we do. Their Debut CD "Happiness Is A Warm Wookie" will come out May 24th, meanwhile check www.thewaterasfety.de for updates.
Heyhey! Good news everybody! We are happy to announce a new member in the Ampire family: DRIVEN BY ENTROPY will release their debut album in early 2013 in case of surviving the mayan calendar. So check out their page on facebook as well their youtube video to "Collateral" which will be the opener of the record!
CALEYA, THE HIRSCH EFFEKT - Apogæum / Perigæum (Red Vinyl LTD LP) is SOLD OUT! Thanks for all the orders and the support! Keep it up!
Here we go again. New stuff is coming on 15th Sept. CREATE.USE.SHATTER release their debut EP called TIDE BENT on Ampire Records. We are happy to tell you about this awesome piece of music pressed on a beautiful digipack CD. So hit their page, check the songs and visit our shop!
LAVATCH just released a 3-Track EP via their homepage for free!!!. Check www.lavatch.com and download as .mp3 oder .wav!!! Awesome...
We will start a own Distro section soon. So if you are a label or a distributor and want to work with us, please feel free to contact us!!!
And it doesn't stop!!! We are happy to announce the release of NO END IN SIGHT's new album called "Consequences". The band just returned from their pre release tour and will be seen on stage in the next days again! Have listen and a view onto their bandpage for sound and dates! Also we excited to tell you about the new EP "Apollon" of Saarbrücken finest whatevercore TRAEOS! 4x2 Tracks, which are allover in the legacy of their still hot debut album "Mnemosyne". Check them out on facebook or live on tour in the end of may with Elderstream.
We are happy to announce the release of "THE CROWS SCREAM BLOODY MURDER", the debut EP of Munster based HC band EMPTY VEINS. Go and check them out and see their upcoming live shows: http://www.facebook.com/emptyveins
We are happy to announce to have new bands in the roster. We welcome Frankfurt based progrock masters of AYEFORE with their new EP Burnout Juggernaut. If you like bands like Oceansize or Faith No More so check them out. The record will be in stores at 9th of march and the band will play their release show on 10th march at the english theatre in Frankfurt. Also we welcome EMPTY VEINS from Muenster. They play classic melodic hardcore with punk attitudes. Their debut EP "The Crows Scream Bloody Murder" gonna be released in April 2012 and the band gonna play a release tour nearby. So check soon for more.
Woow. Whats up? There's a big Xmas bash at Ampire's Store. Check out the prices for all CDs and Vinyls until Xmas! All CDs 5 Euro all Vinyls 10 Euro!
We are happy to tell you that THE STARS' TENNISBALLS have released their Live EP. Check out in our Store or in Itunes.
Done! New releases on Ampire are available. Check the store to ensure to have a copy of LAVATCH and DIGRESSION ASSASSINS new albums! Also keep visiting our news section. More is coming soon!!!
Now it is official. We are happy and proud to announce that Ampire has gonna a double release on 9th september. First we welcome our new act LAVATCH at our artist roster. Their second full length "Mammoth of cold souls" gonna hit the stores in autumn and will be presented with a 6 days tour with LEFT ME BREATHLESS. Watch out for dates coming soon. Also we love to tell you that the fabolous DIGRESSION ASSASSINS from Stockholm put out their second full lenght ALPHA on Ampire again. More info soon on!!!
Be there at FACING THE SWARM THOUGHT release party for their new record. Its placed on 19th May at Circus, Augsburg! Also check out their other live dates on myspace: www.myspace.com/facingtheswarmthought
We are happy to announce to welcome a new band in our roster. FACING THE SWARM THOUGHT from Augsburg will release their Debut Album DAMNATI on 6th may on CD-Digipack. Check out soon for more....
Happy VINYL Time at the Ampire Discounter. Every Vinyl in our shop for 10 Euro this month!!!!
Yes, it's done. We are happy to have 4 new releases on Ampire Records Roster. We welcome MAUD, ALL ITS GRACE, PEOPLES TEMPER, THE HIRSCH EFFEKT and CALEYA to the Ampire Family. So, there is new stuff beneath the xmas tree. Check it out!
New Stuff coming soon! We gonna have 4 new release till the end of the year. Lock forward to the new album of ALL IT'S GRACE as well as the debuts by MAUD and PEOPLES TEMPER. Also we are very proud to announce the release of the Split10" Vinyl of THE HIRSCH EFFEKT and CALEYA in direct cooperation with MIDSUMMER RECORDINGS. Also there will be a very special limited collector edition.
The date for the distributional release of the new TRAEOS records MNEMOSYNE has been reset to 3rd of September. But the band will still play their release Show on 27th of August in Saarbrücken, Club Modul!
On 3rd of September the first Ampire vs. Midsummer Showcase will be placed at the Elfer Music Club in Frankfurt. On stage: TRAEOS, GREY, CALEYA and CREATE. USE.SHATTER. Dont miss it!!!
TRAEOS and ENDNOTE will appear in the next two FUZE Magazine. They will share the Labelmate page. Check it out!
The video of "Erato" by TRAEOS is online. Check it out on Myspace or YouTube. Also the video is content of TRAEOS new record Mnemosyne coming on the 27th of august!
LEFT ME BREATHLESS and GREY will be on Tour in December. Check their Myspace Pages for the dates and also for still availble dates in case of you're interested in booking the bands within the tour.
Sick of your old shirts? Then check the shop. We have a bunch of new shirts of our bands for sale! Check them out...
We got new releases! Check out our new Artists ENDNOTE, GREY and TRAEOS.